Spill Kit Service

The way we operate our business has an impact on the environment around us. This is why Spill Control is such a key part in the health and safety of any workplace as it not only protects the people who are working with dangerous goods, but also prevents the damage of local surroundings.

Accidental can schedule regular Spill Kit Replenishment visits, as often as every month, quarterly, or half yearly. On these visits, we will:

  • Assist you to ensure that your spill kits meet your Workplace's individual requirements.
  • Check your spill kits for any used or soiled sorbents, * All soiled absorbents left on site.
  • Replenish any spill products required.
  • Ensure that spill stations are adequately identified and easily accessible in the event of a spill.

Don’t know which Spill Kit to get?

We have a wide range of Spill Kits available for delivery to your business. Whether it be a small workshop or a large warehouse, by contacting us you can find the right measure of spill control for your workplace!

Contact us for pricing and quotes.

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